Upcoming Workshop Schedule: 

Saturday, June 15, Yoga Dublin Ranelagh. Revitalize & Restore: A Yang to Yin practical workshop 2.30- 5pm.

Saturday, May 25th, Yoga Hub, Cambden St Dublin 2:  revitalize & restore a 2 part workshop. Rehab Activation/Yang workshop 12-2 pm  Yin/Restorative 3-5pm

Friday, May 24th 7 – 9 pm – Elbow room, Smithfield Dublin 7 Candle-lit Restorative

Friday, May 17th Candle-lit Restorative, Swynerton Lodge, Navan, Co. Meath, ( please book through my email)

Joseph combines his training as a NeuroMuscular & Physiotherapist, his experience working with elite athletes & professional/international squads. Along with his own personal journey, travels, practice and teaching yoga teachers and physical therapists. It will cover such topics and muscle shortness and inhibition and its effect on, posture, function and breath and the formation of trigger points along meridian lines.

Then how we as practitioners therapists/teachers can work reverse that cycle in a balanced natural way through simple techniques. The informal lecture and practical workshops are designed to be an experience to enrich and deepen the knowledge and practice of any students, practitioners and teachers of any physical practice such as yoga and pilates and therapists such and physio, physical and massage/bodyworkers.

Workshops are fun and will always be interactive, and include an explanation of anatomy in simple metaphorical terms allowing attendees to deepen and embody the experience they deliver to their clients.


He shares a blend of what he sees of value between the science of what we know about the body from dissection and micro investigation and the theory behind what happens in healing, With his personal experience of holding space for hundreds of clients as they go through a healing process.

Dress to: do movement, (shorts/ t-shirt/ yoga kit) and be warm ( in winter bring socks and a jumper). Bring a mat and foam roller if you have one, water bottles, questions, an open heart and readiness to connect with your breath