Do you have injuries?

Do you experience pain?

Are you looking for someone to facilitate your longterm healing?

For full relief and long-term healing from your injuries and pain, an effective Therapist can give you the results you need…

Joseph Devlin is a qualified and experienced Manual Therapist offering specific advice and deep, effective treatments to relieve pain from trauma and injury.

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In his treatment sessions, Joseph works with his clients to ease joint and muscle pain and tension, heal sports and physical injuries, recover from chronic pain, release myofascial trigger points or improve physical condition and performance.

As a Manual Therapist, Joseph offers that something more. In his sessions, he will explore and assess your health as a whole and deliver advice and treatments that integrate your lifestyle, physical routine, work arrangements, emotional wellbeing and nutritional choices. It is this inclusive approach to what drives your physical therapy needs that will create the right space for your optimal healing to take place.

“I consider and treat the whole, not just the presenting condition. I work with my clients to integrate practices that will help support and regenerate the whole body in the long run while providing relief for the immediate concern.”

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In his sessions, Joseph will work closely with you to activate your body’s natural processes of regeneration, re-educate learned patterns of movement to create more natural and stress-free movement, re-educate the muscular-skeletal structure to release tension and equip you with knowledge and management routines to strengthen, tone, heal and balance your body.

As a qualified health professional with over 10 years experience in providing holistic physical therapy, Joseph has worked with couch potatoes through to Olympic athletes, from high-flying office professionals to fast-paced exercise enthusiasts.

He has extensive clinical experience in patterns of sport or lifestyle injury pathology and how to return the body to a state of wellness and stress-free movement so that you can continue to perform the tasks you need to, free of pain or restrictions. You can read more about Joseph’s professional experience here.

You can book in for single sessions with Joseph where he will deliver an effective treatment designed to relieve body pain and injury.

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Joseph  Devlin

Active Recovery & Manual Therapy

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