Cancellation policy

To keep the quality of my treatments high,  I have a very limited number of appointments available, each day. Therefore, I have to have a clear policy around cancellations.

Please read this policy before making a booking as you may be asked to pay a fee for cancelling an appointment close to the time. 

72 hrs or 3 days Before appointment – no charge

72 hrs or 3days – 24hrs or 1 day. Before the appointment start time 50% fee.

24hrs – Appointment start time 75% of the fee is incurred.

Not attending 100% fee applies cancellation fee is payable.

Fees are payable within 72hrs by a bank transfer or Paypal, 

In exceptional circumstances, the fees can be waived or reduced as I accept that your a human living in the world and life happens. Please let me know if this may apply.