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Manual Therapy sessions with Joseph,

What happens during an Active Recovery  Therapy Session? 

 Sessions are between 60-  90 minutes and include assessment and advice on your conditions and any questions answered in full. Joseph will then give you management advice along with your journey to recovery. Then a slightly painful, although in the end relaxing and beneficial bodywork session.

Together we will unlock tissue under tension, to enable your body’s natural healing mechanics to engage. you will experience a reduction in your symptoms over the following 3 days.

You will experience somewhat of an altered state during your session, so please take time afterwards if your driving, don’t plan on doing much for the rest of the day.

You will most likely experience more pain the day after a session, again this is normal and to be expected,  its best to rest, eat well, drink plenty of water.

You may feel some emotions after your sessions, this is normal and a healthy response to bodywork therapy, please allow yourself space and time to express whatever comes up for you.

Some more info and advice from Joseph:

“Hi, My name is Joseph Devlin & I have been practising as a  therapist for over a decade now, this is a short introduction to me and tells you a little about what I do, that might help you.


I believe that I’m here right now to do three things: to heal, speak my truth and share my skills.

I’m here to speak my truth and step forward on my mission, this is why I walk this planet right now and my mission is to:  creatively catalyse, growth and healing by holding a grounded & fun space, and let others do the same.

Or to expand on that simply:  to further the health journeys of those around me.

I’m here to share my skills, I have been a professional healer for over a decade,  I welcome the chance to work with those experiencing long-term painful conditions. being aware that when the body is in pain it’s often a mirror for what story is running in our minds or what message is being carried by our spirit.

I use my hands and often elbows to massage and tools like needles and cups and release into deep pressure points found in muscle. These areas of adhesion are causing the holding a memory of tension. This lack of flexibility places our bones in an unbalanced pattern of movement, this tension is often the cause disease and ill-health.

I apply this healing work to re-educate the structure of the recipient’s body, through this process of often uncomfortable techniques,  it serves as a powerful remedy to effect those imbalances that I believe are the cause of pain and dysfunction. If you’re in pain I’m happy to have a 10-minute consult with you, over the phone, without expectation of a paid visit.

Before your Session: 

It’s advisable that beforehand you avoid alcohol and caffeine, eat a light meal no more than an hour before you receive a session and drink water during the day. Try and arrange the rest of your day so you have very little on afterwards, so you can relax and let the changes to your muscular system integrate.

Try and arrange the rest of your day so you have very little on afterwards, so you can relax and let the changes to your muscular system integrate.

You may feel emotions arise during or after the session, this is normal and most welcome, let them come up and deal with them in a good & healthy way, Cry, sing, share, dance, or just be with them in acceptance and surrender.

So if you’re looking to start a deeply transformative healing experience get in contact me for a chat.

I’m here to be of service

With the biggest of smiles

Joseph Emmett Devlin

-Feb 2017”



“Highly recommended! I had two sessions with Joey to address pain caused by sports injuries, and am so glad I did.

In addition to Joey being a knowledgeable, experienced and skilled bodywork practitioner, he’s also very relatable, which made the sessions enjoyable as well as functional. 5 stars for helping get me back on the path of recovery, thank you.”

-Lisa Feb 2017

“Wow, so impressed!
Joey has the awesome combo of great technical skill AND intuitive awareness to deliver it without force. I’ve been to remedial therapists in the past who’ve had good mechanical skills but they’ve pushed too far into the pain of trouble spots so that the body actually ends up contracting against it.

It was such a beautiful experience to have deep work so elegantly delivered in just the right way. I could feel my energy body expanding and valuable insights dropping in as he worked on me.
Highly recommended!”
-Arya (massage therapist), December 2016

“Joey clearly knew my body well, how my muscles, ligaments and tendons all attach and work. He knew exactly which bits to target and how much pressure to apply.. very impressed with his intuitive and experienced approach to addressing my issue.

Thanks, Joey!”

-Ian October, 2016

“Joey was my first Sports massage therapist recommended by my Physio & I’m so glad! He sorted long term issues out & continued to fix me, reduce pain & help me manage playing 3 sports, 2 of them contact.

He also taught me about looking after my body for myself & the positive value of rest and even relaxation! A true challenge! He is a skilled practitioner but also patient & kind and cares about treating the whole person. I’d highly recommend Joseph.”

-Wendy, September 2016

“Joey was my anatomy teacher on my Yoga Teacher Training course in India Where he was able to communicate anatomy in a way that everyone could understand the human body & its functions.

During this period, I discovered some physical weakness (whilst doing an exceptional amount of yoga), which Joey treated me with instant results.
Through practising the exercises he gave me, I have been fully rehabilitated which has thoroughly improved my yoga practice & subsequently changed my life.

I would highly recommend Joey as a Practitioner & a Teacher.

Thanks Joey

-Karina – September 2016

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Treatment length and pricing options: 

Remember, If you have a health insurance policy you may be able to claim back a portion of your treatment cost.


60 minute one on one Therapy  Sessions  €75

We can go further into the underlying causes of your muscular tension problems together. Working deeper into the soft tissue and nerve interaction, these sessions can be painful but the relief and reduction in symptoms are worth the temporary discomfort.

90 minuite one on one Therapy sessions €90

looking to get deeper into your muscular tension, this is the session for you, we unlock the stuck muscles allowing pain-free movement and greater performance…

  • Intended for those who are ok with a “no pain no gain attitude”

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