Active Recovery


With over a decade of training and experience in neuromusculoskeletal Anatomy, Pathology, Treatment and rehabilitation techniques, as well as working and training therapists to deliver therapy to international sports people.  Joseph found himself frustrated with the usual approach to restoring tension-free movement, so he headed east travelling and ending up in India… where he found a deepening of his yoga practice and found he enjoyed sharing the science he learnt with trainee Yoga teachers… 


from this blend of yoga and physical therapy, he designed the  90-minute active recovery class. this combination of styles designed to end your week on a high. So bring along your sore, tired bodies and leave with a spring in your step.
Tight hips/ legs from cycling or running?

Tired shoulders from lots of yang style practice?

A pain in your neck after a long week at your desk?

Come and loosen up on the rollers and use tennis balls to address the pressure points in your muscles.  Use your breath to enhance these techniques and become present in your body.

Do and learn simple exercises to release connective tissue and aid postural drainage will be demonstrated.  Then a mixture of yin and restorative asanas will be enjoyed by all. After this, you will be relaxed, invigorated and ready for your weekend, whatever it may bring.

Those carrying injuries are welcomed at the class as it’s run by a qualified physical therapist, therefore can be tailored to any level of activity. Please arrive a little early to discuss any injuries with the facilitator.
Please note a full assessment is not possible due to time constraints, general advice will happily be given.
Fridays:    4.00 pm Yoga Dublin, Ranelagh, book online with YD


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I was introduced to Joe through MDC physiotherapy in Kildare Town, and as a manager of GAA teams, I am very particular in respect of the physiotherapists who I would continually use and recommend to other GAA teams. However, I would have no hesitations in recommending Joe as I found him extremely professional, attentive, appreciative of the demands on GAA players and one of the most knowledgeable therapists I have worked with. I look forward to working with him in the future.

David Cullagh, GAA Manager

As a physiotherapist, I am very particular who I would refer onto and who I would tie my name with. Joesph is bar far one of the most knowledgeable therapists I have worked alongside over the years. He adapts his pressure and needs accordingly and he will truly with give an individually tailored treatment plan. Helped out with a few of my sore spots over the year. Great person also.

Laura Bhreathnach,  Physiotherapist.


A highly skilled and knowledgeable therapist that has provided excellent service each time I’ve visited. Not to mention a great guy. Highly recommend!!

Karl Doolin, Personal trainer.